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 Former Friend of the Court Referee, Mecosta County

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  • Is your freedom at stake? We are aggressive – nothing is more important than freedom.
  • Are you in a bitter custody dispute? Our policy is “children first”.
  • Are you fighting your spouse over your home, inheritances or retirement? We are experienced divorce attorneys.
  • Were you injured in an accident? Adequate compensation is paramount.
  • Have you lost a loved one? We help to ease the stress, while we protect your rights.
  • Are you or your parent thinking about estate planning? We work with you on the right plan options, and prepare wills, trusts and retirement documents.
  • Are there questions about mental competence? Who will pay for elder services? Answers to these questions affect every one of us, and we give you straight talk about life and death choices.

Elder Law Services

Elder Law, Asset Protection Planning, Estate & Trust Planning (Certificate), Divorce & Custody, Adoptions, Probate, Property, Auto Accident Injuries and Bankruptcy. Remember, because you read it here, it's not your personal legal advice. Don't depend on it.

Divorce Attorney

A a long, drawn-out, emotionally expensive divorce or custody battle is not good for anyone.  To begin, think about what is most important to you, personally, in this process.   Then find the divorce or custody attorney who best matches your needs.


We will prepare a comprehensive plan that addresses every one of your questions. We explain the process to you. We aggressively represent you in custody battles.

Parenting Time

When parents part. In the best cases their attorneys involve the County’s Friend of the Court office. They help parents come to an agreement on where the children will live and when they will spend time with each parent.  We are your representative for parenting time.

Wills Trusts & Estate Planning

The law of trusts is voluminous and often complicated, but generally it is concerned with whether a trust has been created, whether it is a public or private trust, whether it is legal, and whether the trustee has lawfully managed the trust and trust property.  We handle all your Estate Planning needs.

Accidents & Injury Representation

We try to resolve the claims of clients before filing a lawsuit.  We get paid for our time.  You keep the compensation you are due.


We work with you and your creditors to give you a fresh start.  After filing for bankruptcy protection, the debtor's creditors receive notice of the debtor's petition for bankruptcy, and that the debtor is seeking to discharge her debts. That notice is a legal order, putting a complete stop to the creditor's attempts to collect on the debts.


You do yourself a disservice if you do not consider Mediation before launching a civil suit. Mediation is by far the best first step in the divorce process, as well. Most often it results in less conflict, and a more acceptable outcome.

Real Estate

We can represent you in all your real estate legal matter.  We represent Sellers, Buyers, Investors and Landlords.


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